The iij is focused upon innovation investment stories which don’t get the attention they deserve

Innovation, but not as we know it

We’re interested in innovation:

· where you’d least expect it

· where you’d imagine it’d be happening, but it isn’t

· where it’s being challenged or ignored

· when it’s done for its own sake

· when it doesn’t make sense

· when it’s being glossed over, or overblown

· when it’s of a kind usually only preached to the converted

· when it doesn’t get the attention it deserves

These ‘under-reported aspects’ are usually in sectors or technologies which are not considered as ‘hot’ as (for instance) the latest developments in social media, gadgets and smartphone technologies (although we will also cover the more neglected aspects of these) .

The areas that we do cover are nonetheless not typically ‘obscure’ (they include, for example, biotechnology, green technology and nanotechnology).

Also, we’re more interested in the investment side of innovation than the technology press tend to be, and we also have a geographic outlook which is just as interested in Europe, the UK, Asia and the ‘international innovation scene’ as it is in Silicon Valley and the US.

We’re much more interested in getting the ‘inside story’ behind innovation investment than we are in getting the latest news on the technology itself (because the technology news marketplace is already overflowing with minute-by-minute coverage of product releases).

We want to provide our readers with a more nuanced picture of innovation, from the perspective of those ‘behind the scenes’ and explore the experiences which will help decision makers get more practical and usable insights into the realities of today’s innovation investment challenges than they would get by relying exclusively upon existing technology news or financial analysis sources.

In summary, iij is covering innovation investment with:

a broader range of market sectors and organisations

a more global outlook

more of an investment perspective than the tech press brings

much more green tech, biotech  and nanotech than web and consumer tech

a focus on practical experiences, motivation, management  and ideas

an interest in longer term implications of social, scientific and technological change

not just startups, but also innovation facilitators and institutional innovation

We’re aiming the Innovation Investment Journal at anyone with a strategic interest in innovation, especially:





managers, directors, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs

journalists, bloggers

We want to bring together the communities contributing to innovation which are essential to:








We’re keen to facilitate the flow of experience, knowledge and practical advice into the innovation community.

We hope to act as a voice for those sectors most closely involved with making innovation worthwhile and to bridge the gaps between entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, scientists and investors.