The University of Nottingham's Trent Building
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A charmingly British academic video explaining the nuts and bolts, so to speak, of nanotechnology

It’s small and it has a new properties. That about sums up what is nano-technology; well not exactly.

However if you want to get in on the ground floor and understand how academics see it, this short video is the place.

Clive Roberts at the University of Nottingham gives a rather good presentation, while walking through his university’s labs showing off his nano-detecting kit and describing what the research entails.

You might call it typically endearing piece of British filmwork, as one person commented “that cameraman rocks. Err no, really”.

No whizz-bangery here, even the kit looks like someone had a good rummage at a Dr Who car-boot sale, but the facts are there and Roberts is good.

nottinghamscience — April 15, 2008 — A nano-tech tour with Clive Roberts from the University of Nottingham. More at