A battle to reinvent the way you see your workforce [Video]

Leading figures from opposite ends of the corporate spectrum talk about how the Y generation work force have non-traditional attitudes to their work and careers and the challenges that this will present.

Don’t adjust your set – just turn up the sound a bit!

The sound quality here is not great (especially to begin with). There are subtitles, but they run woefully behind the actual content. It’s still well-worth a watch as the topics being discussed are really interesting.

The times they are a-changing

Participants Ben Verwaayen of Alcatel-Lucent, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and Christian Stadil of Hummel discuss how organisations will have to change the way they deal with their customers and their workforce in the future.

This is a YouTube video clip of a discussion that took place at the Zeitgeist Europe 2010 event.

It’s obvious that organisations need to change to operate successfully in today’s world.

Passions run high.

The discussion turned into a lively debate between the three business leaders, at one point things got a bit heated, these people obviously feel passionately about their subject.

There was a lot of talk of the need to come up with Core Values of a company and the need to embrace transparency.

Boris delays the debate

The debate had to be hurried towards the end and overran its timeslot because Boris Johnson had been late beginning the talk that preceded this.

The session ended with an opportunity for the audience to pose questions.

All in all, a video well-worth watching.