This video includes the most memorable anecdotes I’ve ever heard. “What’s that doing in there?” his freaked-out girlfriend asked. “Well, I just wanted to see if the artificial leg I just made was dishwasher safe”

Scott Summit appeared on a Discovery Channel show called Prototype This. The video below is of a presentation given by him to Singularity University students called “The Future of 3D Printing“.

The title of the video, although it is entirely valid, fails to convey the sheer evocative power of some of the stories he has to tell and the infectious passion he brings to things like making artificial limbs look so cool that they genuinely make people jealous.

For me, this is one of those great presentations. Here’s his website.

My only personal contribution is to ask this: does the Kinect offer any relevant benefits on the low cost real-time 3d scanning side? (see our article about how Kinect’s surprisingly powerful motion capture capability is being used for things other than playing games).

Scott also mentions several websites in the talk, one that he recommends visiting is Shapeways.