Intrapreneurship is not for the fainthearted. Inside established organisations, officially-sanctioned bastions of executive dragon slaying can sometimes be found, filled with fearless risk-takers discretely licensed to systematically shred the company rulebook in their tireless search for innovation

If you were looking for a crash course on the subject from a pioneer of intrapreneurship, look no further. You’ll also get to hear lots of other relevant issues which seem to have far broader applications.

Things mentioned in that talk (by Steve Knox, CEO, Tremor) include:

If the word of mouth marketing ideas in the first talk raised any interest you may have regarding disclosure issues, WOMMA, the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association, offers a detailed guide

A book called Diffusion of Innovations by Everett M. Rogers

A model of organizational design called The Galbraith Star





Here’s a panel (at the same event) on intrepreneurship:

Moderator: Debu Purohit Fuqua Faculty


“What is the relationship between Intrepreneurship and conventional/external startups?”, I hear you ask. This next panel addresses that question and it’s called:

Corporate Careers that Harness the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Moderator: Christopher Gergen Entrepreneurship Leadership Venture, Sanford Public Policy Faculty


What’s it like being an ‘investment VC/intrapreneur’? They did a panel on that too:

Moderator: Arron (Ronnie) Chatterji Fuqua Faculty


The event was called the

Intrapreneurship Symposium

It was held at the Fuqua School Of Business‘s Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, Duke University on April 7th, 2010