Welcome to the birthplace of investment in the online world. It’s a relaxed watering hole where big stuff happens in Silicon Valley. The regulars constitute a “who’s who” of movers and shakers behind what’s going on right now

Watch Jamis McNiven, owner of “Buck’s, Woodside” talk you through just a few of the bizarre relics on the memorabilia-encrusted walls of this magical eatery with tales of the historic deals done at his tables

This is an all-too-brief but entertaining and enlightening video interview of Jamis by Robert Scoble, starting at a table with an ‘early nineties eureka moment’ involving Hotmail.

Here is a little of what Wikipedia has to say about the mind blowing catchment area from which this establishment draws its local clientèle:

Woodside is among the wealthiest small towns in the United States.

Some examples of the people who live there:

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and originator of Moore’s Law

John Thompson, CEO of Symantec

Neil Young, rock singer, who owns a 1500 acre ranch there

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple has a house there, but actually lives in Palo Alto

Shirley Temple (nowadays Shirley Temple-Black) legendary child actress, then US ambassador

Michelle Pfeiffer, actress, and her husband David E. Kelley, producer

Thomas Siebel, founder of Siebel Systems

Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit

John Doerr, venture capitalist

Dr. Carl Djerassi, novelist and member of team that developed the birth control pill

Kenneth Fisher, investor, Forbes columnist, author, and local historian

Susan Dawson, philanthropist

Joan Baez folk legend and Woodstock performer

1950s country music icon Tennessee Ernie Ford lived in Woodside for many years until his death

Koko the gorilla who was taught in American Sign Language also calls Woodside home