He’s been investing in a new company every six days for fifteen years. What’s that like? He secured Google’s first Venture Capital when Google had six people. What was that like?

In this interview he just can’t stop himself telling us what it was like. And there are plenty of intriguing insights into how Internet innovation investment got started.

In this video Ron Conway is at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business (GSB) on the first of November, 2010. He’s there to talk about technology trends, entrepreneurship as a career path and raising angel and venture capital. He’s being interviewed by Professor Charles Holloway, Director of the GSB Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. The event was hosted by the GSB Entrepreneur Club.

Conway said that he first encountered Google at a Holiday party in 1998. Does this fuel any curiosity you might have about what these parties are like? Perhaps it’s prompted thoughts like “What parties does he go to around Christmas Holiday time” and “Who else goes to these parties?”.

This next ‘seasonal’ video from 2007 answers those questions. Kara Swisher (who works with renowned technology editor Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal) takes a camcorder out to a party at Ron Conway’s house (where she briefly interviews MC Hammer) and two other parties, including one at Marissa Mayer’s hotel suite (she’s the former boss of search at Google, she’s since moved to what Google think is going to be the next big thing: ‘location’) where she used to live before she bought her own house, where she was since visited by US president Barack Obama.