What new things should a growth-hungry economy be doing about coming up with valuable new ideas?

I’m just asking…

    1. what can or should we be doing to make the uptake of ideation activities intensify?
    2. how do we make the practice of ideation more productive for society?
    3. are some people better at ideation than others?
    4. can anyone or everyone be made better at ideation?
    5. are some people ‘natural ideators’?
    6. are there different types of ideation?
    7. is the possession of ‘natural ideation’ something connected to Asperger syndrome?
    8. are there things which suppress ideation?
    9. are organisations which have trouble innovating ‘ideationally challenged’?
    10. do the mental processes associated with ideation permeate other kinds of behaviour?
    11. do societies mostly tend to discount ideation as being ‘daydreaming’ or ‘frivolity’?
    12. have neuroscientists ever tracked ideation as a brain activity?
    13. do other animals ideate?
    14. do ideational capabilities change during a lifetime?
    15. what happens when we can’t stop ideating?
    16. are there such a things as ‘ideational demographics’?
    17. are there cultural attitudes to ideation?
    18. can ideation go wrong?
    19. is ideation an employee recruitment issue?
    20. are some social groups more likely to encourage ideation than others?
    21. is the Internet making ideation more socially attractive?
    22. are good ideators generally stigmatised as nerds?
    23. before modern science and technology, wasn’t ideation just what poets, artists and philosophers did?
    24. do today’s digital lifestyles make ideation easier or harder?
    25. is the study of ideation a special field within the general topic of creativity, or are the two indistinguishable?
    26. can you be an amazing ideator and never know it?
    27. is it still ideation if we do it, but dismiss it as an aberration?
    28. is it better when it’s subliminal and stays that way?
    29. when we do it in a systematic way, do we do it less effectively?
    30. if dreaming (but not daydreaming) is the most natural ideation, how do we capture our dreams?

Here’s a a brief animated talk by someone who wrote a book which asked (and tried to answer) questions about a few of the issues above:

This is an interview with someone who introduced me to the term ideation:

This video has an absolutely awesome ‘ideational feel’ to it:

For me, this one raises the question: ‘are there different kinds of ideation’?