These are the kind of startups that never require any face to face meetings

From the application interview onwards, you will never, ever be expected to be in the same room as anyone else in the startup.

Whether you are a contractor, a permanent staff member, a co-founder, or even a headhunted new CEO, nobody from the startup will ever need to bump elbows with you.

Once this situation has gone away, everyone involved may be aching to meet up for a hug.

But for now, this may be the only way to get hired and do a job at a startup that takes social distancing seriously.

You don’t need to contact me at [email protected] .uk

After all, you could just get in touch with each other.

But if enough of you do contact me, I can hopefully put you together with like-minded socially distanced startup founders, which in a few days, may turn out to include just about everyone.