The BBC has released a report looking at the power of the Internet. As part of a new TV series ‘SuperPower’ it identifies the biggest sites on the internet, as measured by Nielsen and incorporates Forbes magazine‘s latest internet billionaires.

Sergey Brin

The 26 people on the rich list are dominated by US citizens, accounting for 15 names and lead by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the pair who set up Google. The richest non-American was Masayoshi Son, the Japanese head of internet and telecom firm SoftBank. Interestingly the most dominant nation following the Americans were five Chinese nationals led by the little-known Ma Huateng who runs China’s most popular online chat service.

The Nielson survey lists the top 100 companies has been put into graphic representations

across five categories: portals/search, online portals, social networks, retail site, news/media and by country.

Naturally sectors are dominated by the usual suspects: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay.

The data covers the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, US and Australia. The figures represent unique users for the month of January 2010.