A jumbo sized corporation gives a crash course on how to rediscover your innovation mojo [Video]

This fascinating talk is all about how BT’s legendary research operation (the UK’s largest?) ceased to be the telecoms titan’s exclusive haven of creativity and how this vast organisation began to treat just about everyone as a partner worthy of a whirl around the innovation dance floor.

Paul Garner is Customer Innovation Engagement Programme Director with BT

He is a Chartered Physicist and has published one patent and authored 35 papers and book chapters in the field of telecommunications applications.

Paul joined BT Research in 1984 to work on the development and production of optical components for TAT-8, the first optical Trans-Atlantic telecommunication system.

He was a member of the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Foresight Task Force on Healthcare and has been responsible for working directly with BT corporate clients on innovation projects since 2007.