There are hundreds of other robot-themed projects on Kickstarter, I’ve just left out out the books or films about robots, as well as most art, education, hobby and toy projects

Searching for the term “robot” on Kickstarter today, there were 270 projects:

  • 21 projects still ‘open’ (they had not yet reached their funding deadline)
  • 130 projects were designated ‘funded’
  • 119 projects were designated: ‘funding unsuccessful’

The twelve projects that I selected, in order of funding level:

(12) Scout An autonomous, self-navigating transatlantic boat

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $3,424


(11) Bilibot A low-cost research-quality robot development platform based on iRobot and Kinect

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $5,665


(10) Mobula: Robotic solar and wind-powered floating farm turns bio-sludge into biofuel

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $7,294

You might be interested in getting an insight into what floating algae farming projects are all about:


(9) TROBOT A small, inexpensive industrial robotic arm

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $7,808


(8) Robodance: makes telepresence affordable, particularly for the disabled

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $10,898


(7) Oculus: turns a laptop into a robot

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $25,161


(6) Protei: Skims the oceans clean

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $33,796


(5) Botiful: A social telepresence robot for Android

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $93,033


(4) Stompy: a gigantic (18ft wide) rideable hexapod

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $97,817


(3) OpenROV: An open source underwater robot

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $111,622


(2) Romo: ‘The Smartphone Robot’

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $114,797


(1) Hexy: A low-cost six-legged robot (a ‘hexapod’)

Funding pledged on Kickstarter: $168,267