Founders having an innovative idea, a fruitful search for a solution, enthusiastic and generous early investors: what could possibly go wrong?

There’s also some (exemplary?) ‘getting outside the building’, productive pitching of Venture Deals to early investors, taking on innovative and talented(?) early hires and even a crucial pivot as the initial lack of product/market fit (invalidating the original customer hypothesis) is corrected as the founders discover (to their own disbelief) that they do have the ability to “make something people want” after all.

Surprisingly perhaps, pursuing additional funding requirements, which emerge as the project turns out to have greater and more rapid scalability than anyone expected (or indeed intended) do not, for some reason, seem to have been seen by the founders as an option worth considering.

Perhaps readers would like to identify other lessons for startups that they can spot in the movie.

I’ve only watched the clip above recently, it’s decades since I watched the whole thing, so perhaps there are aspects which contradict the things I’ve just mentioned. Let me know.

In any case, none of the approaches to anything ‘entrepreneurial’ in the story are recommended or endorsed in any way.

On a personal note, I can recommend this film as the funniest I have ever seen.

By the way, is there any known real-life case of founders trying really hard to fail, but sill turning out to be a successful startup against all the odds?