Every major factory on earth depends upon a network technology you’ve never even heard of. Ok, maybe you don’t care about factories, so how about cars? Different network, built into every mass-produced car for decades, the same ignorance

Sometimes, encouraging innovation has nothing to do with ‘the new or the different’. Sometimes it’s the dedicated innovation facilitator’s job to bring important but obscure older stuff to a newer audience.

Why? Because you can’t expect anyone who’s just caught the innovation bug to improve, replace or supplement established solutions if they don’t know they exist (i.e, don’t build an innovation strategy based exclusively upon ‘if they don’t know it’s impossible, they’ll create it’ kind of ignorance) Here’s an excellent introduction to SCADA: it’s everywhere and it’s vital for innovators to know why.

If you watched that last video and and you found yourself utterly intrigued as to how something so essential to just about everything could possibly have so completely passed you by, despite the fact that you avidly consume as much tech news as you can, then this next video, which will introduce you to an even more ubiquitous technology, will also be a serious eye-opener: if you drive a car, it is directly relevant to just about everything that went into designing, building and maintaining it: The CAN bus.