An Intensive Care Unit where it’s needed. In every home. Millions already connected. He cashed out two startups, spent some exit money (he’s still got $7 billion left). The Steve Jobs of healthcare?

Quite honestly, after you’ve watched the second video (probably because the description that Patrick gives in the first video sounds way too all-pervading for you to have never heard about it, so, like me, you’ll be sceptical enough to want to double check: the second video also covers his life story, which is, if anything, even more extraordinary) you’d probably find you’re unable to stop yourself watching the third video, which goes into more detail.

This press release covers an integration between Patrick’s firm NantHealth and a firm called ALERT Life Sciences.

Unless you’re familiar with these companies’ solutions, I’m not sure that the press release will leave you any further enlightened regarding precisely where one of the two partners’ contribution ends and that of the other begins, but if you watched the third video, you’ve probably worked out that it’s all about:

  • connecting up the patient’s body (through instrument readings)
  • to cloud-based supercomputers which analyse the readings (this is where the genomics comes in)
  • which then use that analysis to update patient medical records
  • so that doctors and nurses can use the results to deliver ‘personal-genome-informed treatment’
  • and get feedback on the treatment
  • and all of this is done in real time!

NANTHEALTH Press Release – Los Angeles, CA, Nov, 12th 2013


Collaboration with Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s Health Care Companies to Revolutionize Clinical Decision-Making by Pushing Big Data and Supercomputing to the Fore in Real-Time

NantHealth LLC, a NantWorks company, announced today a partnership with ALERT Life Sciences Computing that will enable integration of NantHealth’s Clinical Operating System (iCOS) with ALERT® software on an exclusive basis in the United States with co-distribution rights in the United Kingdom.

The pioneering agreement promises to bring 21st century medical solutions, including those developed in the frontier fields of genomics and proteomics, to hundreds of health management organizations, hospitals and clinics on both sides of the Atlantic.

Once equipped with NantHealth’s Integrated Intelligent Clinical Operating System (iCOS™) and ALERT® software, doctors will for the first time – be able to retrieve big data and harness supercomputing intelligence in order to inform individual clinical decision-making processes in real-time and at point of care almost anywhere in the world.

“This global integration of hardware, software and Big Data could be as significant to science and healthcare across continents as the satellite was to global communication… an information highway for 21st century medicine serving patients and providers across the globe,” said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO and founder of NantHealth.

The partnership between NantHealth and ALERT Life Sciences will deliver meaningful change across the health care industry for physicians and, most especially, for patients.

The benefits of this technology will ultimately be felt and measured on a personal patient level – personalized treatment options, reduced errors, and improved medical outcomes.

NantHealth, a privately held company owned by NantWorks LLC, powers next-generation care through the use of advanced secure fiber network, cloud computing, machine learning and wireless mobile technology.

Its CEO, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, founded NantHealth out of a cornerstone belief that evidence-based, molecularly driven medicine has the potential to revolutionize the future of health care.

Over the past decade NantHealth has established its leadership role to render care delivery more efficient and effectively for patients worldwide and to establish a continuous learning system on a global basis such that patients can receive the right care at the right time and at the right place.

ALERT Life Sciences focuses on the singular, but critically important mission of creating an all-encompassing software solution for the complete computerization of health care in entire countries, HMOs, hospitals and primary care centers right down to individual patient records.

Interoperable across separate installations, ALERT® software connects once isolated health care providers to each other, and to their patients, at the crucial first point of care. With the capacity to remotely monitor and offer both reactive and preventative support, ALERT® software is available to the clients who rely on it 24/7, 365 days a year from any location on the planet.

“This marks a milestone not just for the health care centers that are immediately and directly affected by the agreement between NantHealth and ALERT, but for the health care industry as a whole,” said Dr. Soon-Shiong.

“Together, our two companies will present to the world what’s possible when health care providers control smart, industry-leading technology to make better informed choices for their patients.

We will demonstrate that the right technology, giving doctors the right information, at the right time, can improve and save lives.”

Similarly, Dr. Jorge Guimarães, Founder & President of ALERT, stated: “This alliance is an extraordinary event that brought together companies and leaders uniquely aligned in their vision.

Adding ALERT’s international experience of operation in 13 countries and its massive clinical software construction, built over the last 13 years with contributions from around the world, to NantHealth’s end-to-end clinical operating ecosystem, ignited a major contribution to Medicine.

We are all so excited to be working together! The feeling is that we are on a historical mission here.”

Looking to further maximize their combined technological abilities, NantHealth and ALERT have also disclosed ambitions to jointly develop new products – namely, an Alert Cancer Center Information System and Alert Software for Clinical research.

The companies will reveal details pertaining to their co-developed product efforts in early 2014.