It might just be useful to see the world from their perspective: this video does quite a good job of conveying their ultimate ‘nightmare experience’: the dreaded Design Review with the client

This man has been doing ‘Interaction Design’ since long before the web existed and he was influential on some of the earliest web designs.

If you are in the business of innovation, I wouldn’t be surprised if you find at least some of his insights to be helpful, whatever your product or service, online or offline.

Charlie Kreitzberg – Surviving a Design Review from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Charlie is founder and CEO of Cognetics Corporation.

Charlie began designing user interfaces in 1982 and has created award-winning interactive designs that synthesize computer technology with human cognition.

Charlie’s designs have been used in automated teller machines, medical software, and knowledge systems.

He is a pioneer in web design and the developer of HyperTies — a browser that influenced early web development.

He also led the development of the LUCID Framework which is widely used for user experience design.

Charlie has lectured and consulted at corporations and universities worldwide. He has served as an expert witness in software interface patent disputes.

He is Founding Editor of User Experience magazine; he has authored numerous articles and has served on the national boards of the Usability Professionals Association and the Society for Information Management.

He holds advanced degrees in computer science and psychology.

Dr. Kreitzberg also serves as the Technology Director for Einstein’s Alley, a New Jersey economic development initiative.