Everyone’s telling us that this young woman has used videos in a new, inspiring way, so we went on a hunt for the videos they inspired

First, here’s Vi Hart’s most popular video

Here’s a video of her, explaining herself at Harvard’s Pforzheimer House where she tells us she was “teaching a balloon workshop in her capacity as recreational mathemusician in residence”

New Scientist has just published an interview with Vi.

“There are people who make a living just doing YouTube videos. And there are people who make a living just giving talks. I like to combine those two things. I want to reach the most people and have the most impact.”

Here’s a video about phonetics which claims Vi as inspiration

Here’s a mathematical Vi-inspired-video

Here’s a video of her dad George’s sculpture coming to life (it’s kind of cinematic mathematical performance art)

I have no idea if namesake Tony, the chap that did this next one, is related to Vi, but in spirit, at least 30 years ago, what do you think?