Ten ideas for weaving a lean, low-investment, iterative, failure-tolerant, build-measure-learn attitude toward giving people constructive ways to spend their time into the fabric of every culture

  1. Offer unemployed benefit claimants startup founder resources

  2. Incentivise employers to encourage employees to become ‘spare time startup founders’ and/or mentors 

    New Firms Add an Average of 3 Million Jobs in Their First Year, While Older Companies Lose 1 Million Jobs Annually

    The Importance of Startups in Job Creation and Job Destruction

    A study by the Kauffman foundation and Business Dynamics Statistics July 7, 2010




  3. Offer tax breaks for employers, banks and insurers who incentivise retirees to become angel investors, startup founders and mentors

  4. Offer matched funding for angel investors in ‘first time startup founders’

  5. Encourage schools to run ‘startup accelerator weekends’ at all ages

  6. Commission TV channels to run ‘reality startup accelerator weekends’

  7. Use lottery money for startup competition prizes

  8. Run events to sponsor places at startup accelerator courses

  9. Offer tax breaks for startup accelerators and their sponsors

  10. Use public libraries as local hubs for community-based startup acceleration