Is that a 31 inch Minority Report interface in your pocket?

You don’t need to miniaturise all of the Kinect’s functionality if you aren’t going to use it for games. Projector phones that throw out a 31 inch image have been around for years. Apple won’t do it (to risk even trivial bulking-up would be more than iPhone designer Jonathan Ive’s Jobs’ worth) and the Kinect patents would give Microsoft a head start against Android.

Joe Belfiore: Mobile World Congress 2011

You heard me talk about how we’ve worked with the development team, the dev tools team to build third-party app multi-tasking, and how we’ve worked with the IE team to deliver IE9 with its full hardware acceleration, how we worked with the Office team to put SkyDrive support in, but I haven’t or Steve hasn’t, we haven’t talked about Xbox and how we’re going to evolve our gaming experience in some ways.

What you’ve heard today is just some of the features, not the whole story, just some of the features that we’ll have later this year, but there’s one more that’s pretty cool, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek.

As I’m sure all of you know, the Kinect was the hottest-selling consumer electronics item this holiday, and a lot of people have said, hey, wouldn’t it be cool if you could do an interactive gaming experience between the Kinect and the Windows Phone?

Well, the Xbox team and our team have worked on this problem, and we’re going to show you a video now of real code. It looks like it’s a mocked-up prototype, but this is real code — look closely — that gives a technology preview of Windows Phone working as a companion to Kinect to give really a completely different gaming experience than you’ve seen anywhere.

And with that, I’m going to leave the stage. Let me introduce you to the Xbox LIVE Kinect Windows Phone companion. Let’s run the video and take a look.

Did I say 31 inches? How about 10 feet?