Those of us afflicted by the innovation reporting bug, confronted daily by a seemingly limitless diversity of complex issues, need all the help we can get.

First, a list of new titles, all hopefully available at the time of writing:

3. Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information Overload by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel. Published Nov 9, 2010.

4. Producing Online News: Digital Skills, Stronger Stories by Ryan M. Thornburg. Published Oct 26, 2010.

5. News Online: Transformations and Continuities by Graham Meikle and Guy Redden. Published Oct 26, 2010.

6. Show Me the Money: Writing Business and Economics Stories for Mass Communication (Routledge Communication Series) by Chris Roush. Published Sep 28, 2010.

7. Excellence in Online Journalism: Exploring Current Practices in an Evolving Environment by David A. Craig. Published Sep 24, 2010.

8. New Perspectives on Technical Editing (Baywood’s Technical Communications Series) by Murphy. Avon J.. Published Sep 9, 2010.

9. Funding Journalism in the Digital Age by Jeff Kaye. Published Sep 3, 2010.

10. The Twenty-First-Century Media Industry: Economic and Managerial Implications in the Age of New Media (Studies in New Media) by John Allen Hendricks. Published Jul 16, 2010.

Next, a list of titles that are not available at the time of writing, but are due to be released in 2011

1. Networked: A Contemporary History of News in Transition by Adrienne Russell. Published Jun 28, 2011.

2. Reporting Disaster on Deadline by Lee Wilkins, Martha Steffens, Esther Thorson, and Greeley Kyle. Published Jun 15, 2011.

3. The Global Journalist in the 21st Century by David H. Weaver and Lars Willnat. Published Aug 2011.

4. Exploring Web and Multimedia Writing: The Art of Words in a Visual World (Applied English) by Juliet Davis. Published Feb 18, 2011.

5. Revolutionary Video: Designing and Producing for the New Media Audience (Voices That Matter) by David Dunkley Gyimah. Published Oct 27, 2011.

6. Media Effects and Society (Routledge Communication Series) by Elizabeth M. Perse and Jennifer Lambe. Published Oct 15, 2011.

7. Writing for the Media: A Total Introduction to Cross-Platform Journalism by Timothy Holmes. Published Oct 11, 2011.

8. Becoming a Public Relations Writer: A Writing Workbook for Emerging and Established Mediaby Ronald D. Smith. Published Oct 1, 2011.

9. How to Teach the Technology and Media Dimension by Jonathan Savage and Clive McGoun. Published Oct 2011.

10. Stories and Social Media: Identities and Interaction (Routledge Studies in Sociolinguistics)by Ruth Page. Published Aug 30, 2011.

11. Network Journalism: Journalistic Practice in Interactive Spheres (Routledge Research in Journalism) by Ansgard Heinrich. Published Dec 21, 2010.

12. Culture, Communication & Cyberspace: Rethinking Technical Communication for International Online Environments (Technical Writing and Communication Series) by Kirk St. Amant and Filipp Sapienza. Published Mar 30, 2011.