One theme that appears often in many of these volumes? Discovery processes. If the word ‘innovation’ appears anywhere in your job description, you already know that discovering new discovery processes is a double-edged sword

On the one hand, discovering new discovery processes is a boon for innovators, because the processes constitute inspiring innovation in themselves and they also help you discover fresh innovation opportunities.

On the other hand, not only do they tend to inundate you with more potential initiatives than you can possibly cope with, but they tend to disrupt your existing innovation initiatives by suggesting alternatives to participants before you even get a chance to evaluate the current schemes.

The trick with managing discovery processes is to get as much insight into other people’s experience of conducting them before you dive in. These books offer numerous opportunities to do just that.

(10) Corporate Management in a Knowledge-Based Economy (Finance and Capital Markets Series) by Professor Gianfranco Zanda. Published in Hardcover – 18 Nov 2011.

(9) Chief Information Officer’s Body of Knowledge: People, Process, and Technology (Wiley Corporate F&A)by Dean Lane. Published in Hardcover – 14 Sep 2011.

(8) Managing the Knowledge Intensive Firm by Nicolaj Ejler, Flemming Poulfelt and Fiona Czerniawska. Published in Paperback – 5 Aug 2011.

(7) Harvesting Intangible Assets: Uncover Hidden Revenue in Your Company’s Intellectual Property by Andrew J. Sherman. Published in Hardcover – 1 Nov 2011.

(6) Intellectual Property Strategy (Mit Press Essential Knowledge) by John Palfrey. Published in Paperback – 4 Nov 2011.

(5) Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation (Bk Business) by Joseph Jaworski. Published in Hardcover – 1 Jan 2012.

(4) Innovation Management in Global Networks: Challenge and Chance by Inga-Lena Darkow, Corinne Faure and Ronald Gleich. Published in Hardcover – 1 Jan 2012.

(3) The Dynamics of Regional Innovation: Policy Challenges in Europe and Japan (Series on Innovation and Knowledge Management) by Yveline Lecler, Tetsuo Yoshimoto and Takahiro Fujimoto. Published in Hardcover – 25 Jan 2012.

(2) Knowledge Science: Modelling the Knowledge Discovery Creation Process by Yoshiteru Nakamori. Published in Hardcover – 21 Jul 2011.

(1) The Ambidextrous Organization: The Strategic Management of Learning, Knowledge and Innovation by Patrick Reinmoeller. Published in Hardcover – 7 Feb 2012.